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Inspire Catalogue 2014 - Design for life.
Fascination Brochure 2018

Miele Kitchen Experience.
(Built-in appliances)

Inspire catalogue
W1T1 Brochure

Some things are built to last.
(Washer/ Dryer)


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Handling videos

Vacuum Cleaner

Triflex HX1

Triflex – Cleaning the pre-filter

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Triflex – Cleaning the electrobrush

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Triflex – Cleaning the roller brush

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Triflex – Cleaning the fine dust filter

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Triflex – Attaching the wall bracket

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Triflex – Conversion from PowerUnit at the bottom to PowerUnit at the top

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Triflex – Conversion from comfort mode to compact mode

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Triflex – Conversion from PowerUnit at the bottom to PowerUnit only

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Triflex – Configuration concepts

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Triflex – Getting started

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Bagless vacuuming with Miele!

Tips on how to use a Miele bagless vacuum cleaner.

Washing machines

Detergent dispensing made simple!

Automatic dispensing with Miele TwinDos.

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Washing with Miele made easy!

Tips on Miele wash programmes.

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Tumble dryers

Tips on the use of a Miele tumble dryer

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Get more into your Miele dishwasher.

Helpful loading tips.

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Coffee machines

A perfect coffee...No problem with Miele!

Tips on the use of the Miele CM6.

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Helpful advice and information

About 100 years ago washing was done by hand. But as early as the beginning of the twentieth century the first washing machines were developed and significantly simplified the daily routine of housewives. Since then, many technological innovations that represented fundamental milestone in laundry care have been developed by Miele.
Here, in addition to interesting information on materials, we offer you numerous tips for stain removal and explain the meaning of the care symbols.
Our wish is for you to have clean and stain-free laundry at all times!