Miele Dishwasher Detergents

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All product benefits at a glance - Miele Dishwasher Detergents

Cleaning performance

Miele detergents

Optimum cleaning results

The formula especially developed for Miele dishwashers stands for reliable, perfect dishwashing results.


Best cleaning in less than an hour

An unbeatable combination: QuickPowerWash programme and the perfectly matching detergents.

Dish and glassware care

Gentle treatment of glasses

Sparkling shine

Perfect interaction between rinse aid and dishwasher Sparkling shine at each rinse cycle.

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Things worth knowing about Miele detergents

Liquid detergent

Simply perfect dishwashing.
With Miele.

When selecting your Miele dishwasher, you opted for best quality and performance. To achieve optimum results all the time, it is important to use the right dishwasher detergents. This is why these are available specifically for Miele dishwashers.

PowerDisk – a world first

Automatic dispensing with integrated PowerDisk

Great results: AutoDos is the world's first automatic dispensing system with integrated PowerDisk, transforming the dishwasher and exclusive powder granulate into a finely tuned system. Precisely the right amount is dispensed at exactly the right time for the programme selected.

Gentle treatment of glasses

Riedel recommends Miele.

Can delicate, expensive wine glasses really be washed in a dishwasher? Yes, perfectly, as long as it's a Miele! With a unique combination of intelligent appliance features and Miele detergents, Miele is the specialist when it comes to gentle care of glassware.

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